In the midst of a series of technical glitches that delayed the planned launch of the Orion capsule by a Delta IV rocket on Thursday, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden is reported to have told NBC News, "We're now on the way to Mars, and that's what's most important." Uh, no.
So here's the invitation: look up. Look out. Once you start looking for constellations of compassion you will notice patterns
The biblical account of constellations at play around Jesus' birth is rife with contradictions, recording astronomical events that are unusual to the point of impossible, such as supernovas, comets and conjunctions.
The Helix Nebula (also known as NGC 7293) represents a dying star known as a planetary nebula. The new picture, released
Her work has the Reddit community all abuzz, and one jubilant commenter had the audacity to write: "No offense, but her work's
By: Tariq Malik Published: 03/29/2012 03:15 PM EDT on "The filaments of gas and dust visible here in ultraviolet
Super-hot Super-Earth A supercritical fluid world? Because of its tight orbit around its stellar host, 55 Cancri e was long
Ocean Sky from Alex Cherney on Vimeo. WATCH: In the video, created by "hobbyist astronomer" Alex Cherney, we're treated to
The message of the press conference participants was clear: we want the Century City station on Constellation and we don't care if you have to tunnel under Beverly Hills High School to get there.
This "redistricting" of the zodiac is really nothing to stress about. But if it teaches us anything, it's that we need to know more about how the stars, our home planet Earth and the Sun work.
In the battle for the Frontier, the stakes are whether the United States will lead the world into space or relinquish itself to second world status by repeating the failed policies of the past.
Rather than leaving behind flags and footprints because we spent so much just getting off the Earth we can't afford to stay, NewSpace allows us to go anywhere in the solar system and stay there.
On the real, the President rolls big dice at Florida's 25 electoral college votes. His proposal risks nearly 30,000 jobs
I and many others working on the New Space revolution now underway in space watched Armstrong walk on the Moon and it changed our lives. But now he is trying to stop us from taking our turn.
Obama's proposed budget for space exploration describes an approach that is both reckless and naïve. It would completely abandon the manned space flight program known as Constellation.
To mark the 400th anniversary of Galileo Galilei's first recorded discoveries in the sky through a telescope, 2009 has been
In keeping with our tradition of highlighting diverse forms of corporate wrongdoing, we included only one financial company on the 10 Worst list.