In recent weeks, President Trump’s comments have restarted talks about whether the 25th Amendment can be used to force him from office.
President Donald Trump is looking to change the U.S. constitution and do away with birthright citizenship.
President Donald Trump went after free speech and the mainstream media during his “Social Media Summit.”
One Twitter user suggested the president's tweet is a sign he's worried.
Sixteen states have come together to argue the president's national emergency declaration for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border is unconstitutional.
A survey found that in only one state could more than 50 percent pass the exam.
Congressman calls declaration “one of the largest challenges to the constitutional order in American history."
“That’s not how the Constitution of the United States works,” the former president said in Florida.
The country's anti-LGBTQ views have resurfaced ahead of a proposed constitutional amendment.
The judge compared efforts by foreign officials to stay at the Trump International Hotel to bribery.
George Conway's piece, "The Terrible Arguments Against the Constitutionality of the Mueller Investigation," rejects Trump's claims.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders repeated the same phrase when asked about President Donald Trump’s assertions that he can pardon himself and that the appointment of a special counsel is unconstitutional.
“We reiterate that your Administration must provide a legal basis for both the 2017 and 2018 strikes.”
“Anyone ... can see that the purpose of this is to promote Christianity," said a lawyer for the legal branch of the American Humanist Association.
It could be the end of democracy for the country if the international community doesn't act fast.
They've become radical, and they want to remake America.
"Females baring their breasts is seen by society as unpalatable," says city attorney.