constitution day

The Tennessee Republican apparently forgot about those little changes called "amendments."
The president was mocked on Twitter for a celebrating a document some believe he hasn't read.
No one should be cut out of the process come Election Day simply because he or she did not register to vote in time.
Shinzo Abe has made his clearest statement yet on his ambition to alter the pacifist Article 9 of Japan’s Constitution. Reuters
Honoring our nation's founding document as only he can.
The genius of America's framing document is its simplicity. The main body is less than 5,000 words. It is not, like the European Union's constitution, an opus that tries to settle all disputes. That enduring work is left to citizens.
As students compare the actual Constitution with their classroom-generated Constitution, they realize that the framers took sides. But why these particular sides? Inevitably, most students want to learn who wrote the Constitution and which social groups they represented.
The clear upside of naturalization makes it all the more puzzling why eligible immigrants are not taking this step and are instead renewing their green cards.
This year, for the first time, American high school students show a greater overall appreciation for the First Amendment than do adults.