Constitutional Amendment

Lewinsky suggested an amendment to leave presidents on the hook for crimes they commit.
A circuit judge ruled that the measure, which was approved by voters last fall, would have created broad changes to state government.
Nearly 62% of voters backed an amendment ensuring protections for married LGBTQ couples even if marriage equality gets overturned at the federal level.
The Tennessee Republican apparently forgot about those little changes called "amendments."
The comedian emphasized that a constitutional amendment would be safe from Donald Trump.
Planned Parenthood said the development should be the "shining example for all other states."
Critics say the legislation amounts to a poll tax and violates a constitutional amendment that voters overwhelmingly approved in November to allow people with felonies to vote.
The same voters who barely put Ron DeSantis into office also approved a proposal he opposed that helps a disproportionately black population.
The speaker of the House echoed the legal consensus that only a constitutional amendment can revoke birthright citizenship.
GOP lawmakers are trying to strip a bipartisan panel of its power to write captions for constitutional amendments that will appear on the ballot this fall.