constitutional law

Constitutional law experts said the federal officers’ actions are a “red flag” in what could become a test case of states’ rights.
Let’s imagine someone in the White House talks to an actual lawyer.
I envy my current students. For the first time in four decades, they can look forward to a Supreme Court that will once again protect those rights that are truly fundamental to our society.
Structuralism Economic An ethical approach embodies concepts of justice and fairness and frequently is concerned with individual
If the text of Article III, enriched by the publicly available context in which it was enacted, communicated the concept
The American Constitution has been called "the most wonderful work ever struck off at a given time by the brain and purpose of man." It was authored by men who had surpassing confidence in the human mind--men who were convinced that people were capable of "establishing good government from reflection and choice," to the end that self-evident truths about human nature, discernible through reason, would be honored in social life.
The rational-basis test applied in Carolene Products was deferential to the government but not toothless. The Carolene Products
The enduring appeal and influence of originalism is attributable in substantial part to its promised capacity to maintain