constitutional rights

Some say kneeling during the national anthem disrespects the military. One vet strongly disagrees.
The president-elect first criticized people protesting his election: "Very unfair!"
The essential fact in this Texas abortion case is this: that the purpose of the law was transparently to prevent women from exercising a right that the Supreme Court has declared that the Constitution grants them.
The answer is a great deal. While legal inequality does not directly cause terrorism or hate crimes, there is little doubt
Students and parents opposing transgender rights say the Constitution protects them from government intrusion.
“They would spare a lot of people a lot of hurt if they would apply the law the way they’re supposed to,” says a man mistakenly arrested by ICE.
We just feel like today will be the day someone jumps out and yells "April Fools! Biff from Back to the Future II isn't really running for president! And a madman isn't actually in charge of a nuclear-armed country." Right? Right?
For too long Sri Lanka's LGBT community have been excluded from the recognition and protections that they deserve.
Judge Jane Kelly is still available, should the next president be listening.
While the Syrian refugee crisis is currently capturing the world's attention, it reflects a much broader trend of increasing migration worldwide.
An appellate court ruled the Constitution doesn't apply with equal force on the high court's plaza.
Though social distancing may represent a key public health measure, such infringement of individual rights should be minimized and undertaken only when necessary to protect the public's health.