Parts of midtown Manhattan are closed down after a construction crane caught fire and partially collapsed.
"Too often we bottle up the brokenness, afraid of being perceived as trashy, less-than, damaged, or undesirable."
Workers in the building trades have been deemed "essential," even for projects that don't seem so urgent — like renovations at a shuttered museum.
President Donald Trump has pulled funding from schools and defense projects to pay for his border wall.
About 127 military construction projects within the U.S. and abroad will be affected by this diversion of funds to build Trump's wall along the Mexico border.
Smashed paint cans and swastika-like drawings were found at a Chabad of Flagstaff construction site, police said.
The construction field is a hard one to crack, particularly if you’re a woman. California is investing $25 million to get more women into the business.
But one group is fighting to conserve working forests and keep rural economies alive.