President Donald Trump has pulled funding from schools and defense projects to pay for his border wall.
About 127 military construction projects within the U.S. and abroad will be affected by this diversion of funds to build Trump's wall along the Mexico border.
Smashed paint cans and swastika-like drawings were found at a Chabad of Flagstaff construction site, police said.
The construction field is a hard one to crack, particularly if you’re a woman. California is investing $25 million to get more women into the business.
But one group is fighting to conserve working forests and keep rural economies alive.
Construction was one of the most dangerous professions at the time.
How Affordable Development Benefits Families and Local Economies
When you think about tech-driven industries, construction likely isn't the first that comes to mind. The sector has a reputation
In the small city of Canoas, Brazil, where gender stereotypes are deeply ingrained and 15 women a day are killed because
What use to take five to seven business days when ordering online now takes just a mere few hours for the package to land at the front door after hitting the "buy" button. So, what has changed and what is going on behind the scenes? Plenty.
Swaroon Sridhar and Mark Huerta, 33 Buckets, Cuzco, Peru. A consultancy service affords rural communities insight into filtration
This post first appeared on GlobalPolicy.TV. Algernon Austin is the author of America Is Not Post-Racial: Xenophobia, Islamophobia
By Dennis Blumenfeld and Andrea Arzaba Díaz Dennis Blumenfeld coordinates an $8 million Multilateral Investment Fund technical
If you are planning on living in your home during a remodel, you must be prepared for due diligence and what you are willing to tolerate.
The revitalization effort in the Central District of Seattle was conceived and initiated in a silo. It was community development that did not include the voices of the community. This exclusion could have resulted in a multitude of "Closed for Business" signs along the thoroughfare.
Answer by Dan Doctoroff, CEO of Sidewalk Labs, Former Bloomberg CEO, on Quora. Second is the cost of construction. We are
We source materials responsibly from suppliers whose value chain and environmental foot prints we know thoroughly over the