The fear of taking action almost always disappears shortly after you begin moving forward. You suddenly realize that you were worrying over nothing, and you actually begin to enjoy making progress.
For many successful entrepreneurs, the business that can deliver many lucrative rewards is a consulting practice.
As a public service to you, our prospective clients, and all the other "boutique" consulting firms out there who have long since pulled out their hair, here are 10 simple guidelines to improve your RFP process in 2013 and beyond.
Actors want to direct. Directors want to produce. And consultants want to be kick ass speakers. And why not? The pay is good. It doesn't take much time. And it's a lot less heavy lifting than most consulting gigs.
Many entrepreneurs turn to small business experts or those who offer small business consulting services. But beware of the small business consultant, for you do not want to be creating a money pit where your dollars disappear into a black hole.