Unfortunately, the reality of consulting is less glamorous than it appears on the surface. It’s not an easy path to take
The first tax deadline of 2017 is rapidly approaching - January 17! Scared you, didn't I? Well, for independent contractors
When people are presented with disagreeable facts they tend to double down on their own truth.
You generate your clients through your network. When you have a body of intellectual property, your step to generating clients
Location Independent Online Business The huge attraction of having an online business is the low cost of startup and flexibility
Fast forward 5 years and you will see an entirely different story. Clum Creative has established itself as Cleveland's leading
The recent announcement by PwC to recruit 1000 Risk consultants (1) is typical where large factory oriented consultancies like PwC often recruit large numbers of people and there is often a high rate of change inside the organization as it chases the latest deals that are selling in the market.
Deb Henretta is Senior Advisor at SSA & Company, where she helps leaders better leverage big data and advanced analytics
During one of my podcasts, Hit the Mic with The Stacey Harris, I was talking to my audience about hiring social media managers. Following that episode I received a lot of questions about specifically hiring someone to help with Facebook Ads
I get emails all the time asking questions about how I started my own school, emails that I gladly answer, but usually end up going no further than an initial contact, for whatever reason. This weekend however, I had the pleasure of doing my first full on-site consultation, face to face, across state lines, which started out as an email.