consumer behavior

The year is quickly coming to a close so shoppers are in full swing. Understanding the latest trends as detailed above ensures
Bundling Nudges to Raise Overall Effectiveness Even in "successful" nudges, a substantial portion of the population seems
Isn't life great? So many choices. I can pick almost any product I want, consume it how and when I want, wherever I want. Different pricing, different everything, just for me.
If a Pigovian tax is desirable for some reason, whether to nudge healthier behavior or to raise needed revenue, is there a way to make it more acceptable?
How can brands engage consumers on a more intimate level ? As online technology becomes increasingly seamless, brands are
President's Day isn't the sexiest of holidays when it comes to shopping. Not romantic like Valentine's Day, or as patriotic as the 4th of July, or as lush and indulgent as the holidays. No, President's Day weekend is the workhorse of shopping holidays.
Tangible gifts will never go out of style. But the rising preference for experiential gifts -- especially "the gift of me" demonstrates the dynamism and disruption that Millennials are bringing to the marketplace.
There are a few behavioral tricks you can practice that will help you become the client magnet that everyone likes, remembers and recommends to others. Here are three tips on how to be liked and remembered by your clients.
Challenges to growth are nothing new. But these challenges are now changing with shifts in culture.