Consumer Watchdog

The hype and unsubstantiated hope behind the self-driving car movement continues unabated, distracting from addressing necessities
Many of the same people who allowed California to be ripped off during the phony shortages of the 2000 electricity crisis
Political leaders in the Canadian province of British Columbia have opposed plans for a major new tar sands oil pipeline
The gift to the robot carmakers was made by Dep. of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, who along with National Traffic
They say pictures are worth one thousand words, but voting literally can be worth hundreds of billions of dollars to you. When California voters like me voted on a highly-contested insurance reform ballot measure in 1988, we could not have foreseen how much it would have saved us 28 years later.
Because the DWP has failed to fix the three year old billing scandal, ratepayers like 72 year old Velma Mathews are caught
Drug companies, who are spending $90 million to stop Proposition 61, will continue to overcharge Californians until we pass Prop 61 to stop their price gouging.
Sometimes the power of human truth is enough to overcome the most powerful political forces. That's what happened in California
In light of the ruling in McDonnell v. United States, eroding conflict of interest laws and claiming violations of specific standards are necessary for proving abuse of public trust, shouldn't the Supreme Court set specific standards for itself?
Kathy Olsen was a relentless advocate for greater patient safety and protections from the medical insurance complex following a family tragedy. Her struggles changed the rights we all possess in America if an HMO or health insurance company tries to deny us treatment or care. We owe her a great debt.