PepsiCo is backpedalling after its CEO suggested it was developing a version of Doritos aimed specifically at female consumers.
Your brain: For many, there is a sense of being sucked into our smartphones and tablets in ways that have all the empty, repetitive
When it comes to the enterprise and entrepreneurs well, Memory-Driven Computing could create a new dynamic global marketplace
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The historic partnership of nutrition and farm programs has been crucial to ensuring the quantity and quality of food available
This summer, a United States citizen took a vacation at a lodge in Canada.  (To protect his privacy let’s call him “Bill
The most controversial thing to happen to the taxi industry was Uber's introduction of dynamic (surge) pricing. The premise was simple: we are already used to paying based on demand when buying airline tickets, so why should car rides be any different?
Johan Jørgen Grav shows how Wembo connects to the UN Global Goals Wembo consists of two digital products: an online dashboard
Running a successful business with eco-friendliness as a part of our DNA, I often get contacted by other green entrepreneurs who seek advice on how to grow their company and still be sustainable at heart.
To deliver great mobile moments on the web, you'll have to take a page out of mobile app design to fundamentally rethink how you can deliver better mobile web experiences.
Corporations cannot continue to dictate what information people are allowed access to -- especially when it comes to the food we eat -- and it is shameful that any elected officials would support keeping their own constituents in the dark.
Due to severe budget restrictions still in effect, and the uncertain outcome of the Presidential election, governments are not spending enough on public works projects long overdue to take up the hiring slack.
Whichever our goals, to be successful, loved, envied or looked up on, we borrow pieces of influencers' auras and create patch works that we wear under our clothes.
Congrats to Kraft on a strong marketing effort, but the real story is how hundreds of thousands of people around the world used social networks and advocacy to change a food giant's mind.
We will learn from this generation by listening to their larger dialogue with friends and brands alike about what is most important -- providing the very best products for their children so that they can successfully lead a new generation into the future.
I started working in politics when I was young, first at the civic cultural centre, which was somewhere between politics
I'm going to mention two very recent launches where the product and launch planning went quite well. Both are Homebrew investments.
With Justice Scalia gone from the Court, no one can say what will happen next, with respect to forced arbitration or any other issue. But the exceptionally strong words of Justices Ginsburg and Kagan raise a very real possibility that the Supreme Court's love affair -- with forcing Americans into arbitration even when it lets corporations break the law with impunity -- may finally be over.
Manufacturer's Sales Force direct channel. It is quite costly to sell products direct to end buyers using a sales force. The