Contact tracing

The Bureau of Prisons admitted that after a reporter informed officials about their diagnosis, it didn’t contact any other media witnesses or conduct any contact tracing.
Out of 9 Bureau of Prisons staffers who got sick after working an execution, the agency only conducted contact tracing for one, citing “confidentiality” reasons.
Contact tracers and experts share where coronavirus transmission rates and risk are the highest during the pandemic.
At least five people close to the vice president have reportedly tested positive in recent days.
The new pandemic guidance increases the pool of people considered at risk for the coronavirus following exposure to someone who is sick.
The move indicates a lack of confidence in the White House medical team's own contact tracing efforts regarding an ongoing virus outbreak.
Several attendees of a White House event have been diagnosed with the coronavirus. However, the Trump administration said it will not trace contacts from the gathering, even though it could help stop the further spread of the virus.
The White House gave state officials the names of at least 206 people who attended the president's Bedminster event, hours before he announced his diagnosis.
President Trump held a fundraiser and mingled with the crowd hours before revealing he had tested positive for the coronavirus.
Social media posts show people who went to the New Jersey event with Trump had fanned out across the country, going out in public and not wearing masks.