contemporary art

Dan Gilroy's Netflix movie, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Toni Collette, has inspired divisive reactions in the gallery scene. Are people humorless, or is the movie?
The street artist's prank at Sotheby's lit a trick candle in a musty room. But in rebelling against the monied art establishment, he still profits.
“We’ve always been here and are just claiming our rightful space within Islam," says artist Yas Ahmed.
The Guggenheim's head curator goaded the president with a golden toilet, so his supporters fought back with single stars.
The artist of the piece says, "Everything seems absurd until we die and then it makes sense.”
The university was responding to community complaints about exposing students to "sickness" and "evil."
This might really scare the bejesus out of hikers.
Each artist is also required to open the door to their hotel room during the event hours and engage with guests touring the show.
Princeton is hardly the first college to reckon with the racial injustice that defined its founding, and to seek a kind of rhetorical cleansing.