We are awash in a sea of profanity. But it's not just ugly words, it's ugly ideas, expressed in crude and even violent language
When you're not able to be happy, you can at least write about it--something which is comprised of its own pleasures, rewards and yes even the happiness of being able to write such a perfect description of dispossession.
"You think you're going to have anxiety now? You haven't even seen anxiety," Judge Jerri Collins said.
Now, a photo's worth a thousand words and all of that, and I certainly agree that the pictures were not favorable to Clinton, since they seemed to reinforce the "Hillary has contempt for the public" theme.
Democracy is a relational form of government. True Relational Leadership aspires to navigate this country to its unifying destiny not its leaders' polarizing re-election. Hiring our next leader starts with selecting a WHO that will lead us together to WHAT.
By no means am I suggesting that this is easy, but a healthy and thriving marriage requires hard work from both partners. Sometimes this hard work means each spouse laying down his or her arms and finally admitting, "It's not you. It's me. I messed up. How can we make this better?"
There's Godard's much talked about dog Roxy who has more than a cameo in Goodbye to Language and there's the subversive use of 3-D. In a kind of cinematic guerilla warfare, this highest level of perspectival illusion is usurped throughout the film.
The upcoming 2014 congressional elections and the 2016 Presidential/congressional elections are a time of opportunity. The majority in this country are tired of cultural warfare. The vocal minority may be ruling but they have failed at governing. Sometimes war is necessary but it is always destructive and never sustainable.
It is high time to stand on the principle of relationship -- loving what unites us more than we hate what divides us.
WASHINGTON -- Attorney General Eric Holder will say it again: He still doesn't have any respect for the members of the House
I've learned that the less I think my thoughts define who I am, the more I expand into the truth of my being. As I unstick me from my thoughts -- which is sometimes tender-painful, like peeling bare thighs off a hot seat in summer -- then the mean-girl stuff just floats away.
In May, the Justice Department filed a lawsuit against Arpaio and Maricopa County alleging a pattern of racial profiling
Thus, there is ample bipartisan precedent on which Mr. Machen may rely to refrain from prosecuting a congressional contempt citation against Attorney General Holder, and it is highly unlikely that he will even bring the matter before a grand jury.
This is a situation where it would be in everyone's interest for the House not to vote on the proposed contempt citation, if the committee really wants to see the relevant documents and not just get into an election year fight.
The longer GOP congressional leaders can keep Holder on the public hot seat, the more chance the GOP has of embedding the bogus notion that the Obama administration engages in a massive cover-up of its screw-ups, misdeeds, and unethical practices.
District Judge Brian Whitney agreed to Attorney General John Suthers' motion to hold former state representative and Colorado
TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau, known as the infomercial king and best-selling author, was ordered by a federal judge to serve
At 10:09am on February 6, 2009, Alaska Senate Resolution #5 passed 16-1. This resolution finds the witnesses who ignored their subpoenas guilty of contempt of the Alaska State Senate.
The Senate Judiciary Committee is releasing a 60-page report justifying its contempt of Congress citations aimed at Karl