contempt of court

Arpaio was convicted of criminal contempt and later pardoned by President Donald Trump.
They're ramping up action related to Mueller’s probe into Russia election meddling as they try to focus more public attention on the report.
The Colorado private investigator who helped defend a condemned killer says religious beliefs prevent her from testifying for the prosecution.
They also asked the court to appoint an attorney to argue against the former sheriff -- since the Trump administration won't.
A judge told the attorney to "be quiet" and that she needed to learn "a lesson." But she fought back.
Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis went to jail because she defied a court order to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, but she should instead have taken to heart the lessons taught by David Simon's current HBO mini-series, Show Me a Hero.
State motor vehicle financial responsibility statutes that impose jail time for their violation are typically upheld when
What parents seem to forget when they are divorcing or their relationship is ending, is that children are expensive.
For my last installment in this three-part move-away series, I am going to explore the potential risks that you may face when you decide to litigate a move-away motion in court.
Several competing public policies make "contempt of court" difficult to precisely define. It is a conundrum because of the difficult balance that must be maintained between orderly justice and arbitrary judicial actions.
Wal-Mart has used its legal muscle countless times to appeal local zoning decisions to the county courts, to the appeals courts, and beyond. The corporation has more lawsuits than men's suits.
But it's not Lawson's first run-in with the law, or her first fit of anger -- her social network pages are full of it. In
For some judges, disorder in the court is more common than order. How else can you explain a judge who jailed a man for six
Tax-bashing activist Douglas Bruce will not be held in contempt of court, but he will have to answer questions about his
The Colorado Attorney General's Office said it will file court papers today seeking a contempt-of-court citation against
Appellate court judges this morning questioned whether U.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman stepped out of bounds by ordering
Kane Kellett's unusual method of raising his right hand to be sworn in earned him a six-month contempt of court sentence
The Will County judge who sentenced a Richton Park man to six months in jail for "making a loud yawning sound" set the 33