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Eight video creators say that have been unfairly targeted and demonetized by YouTube.
The vloggers are caught in the middle of YouTube’s scramble to deal with its ongoing predator problem.
The website's decision not to enforce its harassment rules against YouTuber Steven Crowder isn't a great sign.
So long as the sponsored video creators disclose they’re getting paid. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Patreon users say they're beginning to feel the implications of FOSTA-SESTA.
Accept the fact that more than half of the people who visit our page won't actually read what we have to say. Adapt to the
Differentiate yourself. There are lots of companies in your space already publishing how to guides. You need a way to stand
Launching a website is both exciting and overwhelming, especially if your experience is limited. As someone who has launched
If they stick to their guns and enforce this, it will effectively destroy every news channel on YouTube. Those creators will
Membership sites make it possible for you to build your own community and make money of it as well. The best part of that is it's your own platform.
This week, Instagram released its newest product feature into the cosmos--Instagram Stories. Right off the bat, the Internet flooded with criticism of the Facebook subsidiary's latest move, calling it a blatant rip-off of Snapchat, another less popular social sharing network.
Through obsessive attention to detail and quality of both Apple technology and HBO productions, new generations of storytellers were inspired to think different and produce better. I would love to see what Apple and HBO could create together.
The blogosphere is filled with trillions of information competing for space and ways to satisfy a diverse pool of audience. What's most important isn't the existence of the numerous information we have access to, but how useful they are to our daily lives, businesses and growth.
Anything can be a distraction if you let it. But the good news is that focus can be honed. It's a skill and a muscle that develops just like our ability to remember names and faces.
Your readers know when to expect content You can look at the logs of your site and see when the optimal time to release new
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Expect optimal performance from yourself and let the chips fall where they may. The organic output will be your highest quality work -- which is the true reward.
When it comes to entertainment content, consumers now put equal trust in traditional content creators, online streaming platforms AND the brands they buy from. In other words, consumers don't care where content is coming from, as long as it is entertaining.
Now that most businesses understand the importance of incorporating storytelling into their marketing efforts, it's essential to strike the right balance of creating valuable content worth consuming and effectively distributing this content where your audience is most active.
When it comes to creating content that your customers keep coming back to, there are three things to consider. Truly effective content must be: relevant, engaging and actionable.