content strategy

If you are in the ecommerce business, you cannot deny the magnetic power of sales. The more you sell, the more your confidence grows, as does your determination to improve the experience for your customers, and to expand your existing market.
Online marketing is all about the content. Content marketing is an essential part of building your business. How else will people find your content -- and by extension your website. Part of converting is a good content plan that allows people to find you and decide that you offer something valuable enough to buy.
The pressure's on. It's that time of day. You need to post something on Facebook and write an email to your list. The clock is ticking.... and your mind is a big fat blank.
There is an important infrastructure for a true content strategy. So many business owners out there aren't producing the number of articles or pieces of micro-content that they could be producing all day long.
Most of the items on this list already have something to do with stagnation, or a lack of recent changes. But a lack of changes
7. Revolutionize - Set a positive intention! Is what you are doing impacting your business, your partners, your community
While truly successful user experience design is more about designing for experiences, there are a variety of things you
You get diversity Using optimized static pages, blog posts, infographics, and video, you can reach entirely different people
Reaching the right target audience entails optimization of content (the information) with the appropriate platform. (how
There are tons of secondary value factors that your content is benefitting, some of which were excluded from our calculations