continental drift

According to geologists, earth's tectonic plates are in constant flux. The seven major plates (and many minor ones) move in relation to each other. This movement has in pre-history had a significant effect on the current arrangement of the continents.
Anyway, back to the world's highest tides. Once in Moncton, there is of course no public buses to the Hopewell Rocks and
CSM: What an incredible thing, to know the very land where our feet are so firmly planted was once thousands of miles away
Huffpost Senior Science Correspondent Cara Santa Maria speaks with Yale graduate student Ross Mitchell about his new model for predicting the next supercontinent, Amasia.
A 35-mile rift in the desert of Ethiopia will likely become a new ocean eventually, researchers now confirm. The crack, 20
This book is a grand time-and-space voyage of the imagination, the drift of continents, the appearance and rise and fall and extinction of new species, the human story with all its tragedy and complexity.