"The more painful it looked, the happier you were getting," Simon Cowell told the acrobatic quartet.
Could you dance around your head 38 times in a minute?
Some contortionists in Mongolia start practicing the art as young as 6 years old and train up to four hours a day to perfect their flexibility.
We put contortionist, Jorge Ivan "Chicle" Latorre, in a suitcase and left him on the streets on New York City. This is how passers by reacted.
Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter | Contact The Author "I have never faced any discomfort or pain while doing these
Running away to join the circus has become much more enticing since the emergence of electro-cirque tribe, The Lucent Dossier Experience. Combining a neo-tribal, steam punk aesthetic with orchestral electronic music creates a rich and textured palette for your senses.
MOMIX delights in all that is illusory in the world -- a butterfly from a chrysalis, a flower from a bud.
Sounds like she's living the dream. Via GuinnessWorldRecords Amazing contortionist Leilani Franco makes a triple appearance