This is not a call to action to stop using makeup. On the contrary; it's a call to start using it to empower yourself rather than diminish yourself. It's a call to use makeup, and everything you do for and with your body, as a way to respect yourself more!
Can you recall the last time you took a moment to look up? What you'll see is an awe inspiring spectacle. The orb of a moon hanging low against a black mid-night backdrop, or the clouds softly spreading across the span of gorgeous blue.
HuffPost Live took a close look at men's body issues. We spoke to gay and straight men to explore the origins of their insecurities and how they cope with the social standards for the male form.
Highlighting has been around forever but has recently become a huge trend. Beauty bloggers across the world post instructional videos on how to get the perfect highlight. Below are a few of my favorite highlighters and illuminators.
Using copper is a great way to bring some warmth to the skin, especially for those days where you feel washed-out.
Face it -- the art of contouring has always been one of hollywoods best kept beauty secrets. From playing up your cheekbones, to reshaping your nose, professional makeup artists have been using contouring for years.
3) Prevent lipstick from bleeding! For some women lining lips with a lip pencil just doesn't do the trick to stop lipstick
It was blistering cold the day we ran into fashion blogger Rachel Dickinson. But the sun seemed to shine beautifully against
In the video above, Smashbox Cosmetics lead artist Lori Taylor explains the products, tools and tricks you'll need to contour
Contemporary artist Cindy Sherman is a woman who has manipulated makeup to her advantage in her work. Her retrospective features a staggering array of images Sherman created by dressing as women of every age and from every conceivable era.
Obviously Winslet liked the response because she wore it again -- in red and black -- one month later at the premiere of