A giant condom roamed the subway to give out free rubbers for Valentine’s Day.
The Trump administration’s latest move to control women’s reproductive rights could have major societal and economic impacts.
As it turns out, sexual activity among this demographic remained almost totally constant, and might actually be declining (more recent data will be needed to confirm this trend, if it exists). Put simply: an increase in contraceptive use does not appear to foster an increase in sexual activity.
The main point, clearly, is that LARCs are an effective anti-poverty tool. When young women are given access to long acting reversible contraceptives, they are able to choose when to get pregnant, able to exert more control over their own lives, able to reduce the incidence of single motherhood, and therefore almost certainly able to alleviate the stubborn poverty that now afflicts so many families headed by single women.
This war, like every war ever conducted, is inflicting casualties, but because it is an undeclared and unpopular war, the aggressors do not claim responsibility for the casualties they inflict.
It's so important that New Yorkers make sure the Senate's leadership stands up for equal access to birth control. Senate Majority Leader Flanagan must act now to ensure New Yorkers are not shortchanged when it comes to their reproductive health care.
A new initiative to bring more IUDs to the armed forces could change that.
Injections and birth control pills are completely blocking the flow of sperm in trials.
This is what we know -- and here's what’s next.
The most important things in a modern woman's life: candy and contraceptives.
I think what DKT is doing right now is to put into action a practical and realistic response to Zika while others are arguing about ideology. It seems that the Pope might welcome DKT's assistance, as this is quickly becoming a worldwide fight against the virus.
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