Contract with America

Republicans are now searching for a new leader, but personality and charisma will not heal this deep divide between politics and governance that has plagued the party for more than two decades. It may be the greatest unintended consequence of the Gingrich revolution.
I have long argued that term limits were a treatment of the symptoms of government's problems, rather than the causes. The reason you cannot get politicians to leave office is the benefits of power. Address that issue and politicians might leave voluntarily.
As the 2016 presidential election approaches, I feel uninspired by the Republican candidates who appear most likely to be pursuing the nation's highest office. With Democrats having at least one candidate who will likely be able to unite their base, I fear that Republicans may once again be without a visionary leader.
The biggest political event of the week (for Democrats, at any rate) was Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats rolling out a new campaign agenda -- the "Middle Class Jumpstart" -- in the tradition of Newt Gingrich's "Contract With America."
The GOP put forth a doctrine that was, and is still today, a contract on America, the goal of which is the privatization of our public education, health & welfare system.
Democrats called the latest formal list of Republican promises the "Pledge to Destroy America." The destruction was done by the damned lies that denigrated trust in political institutions. It was deliberately done to diminish America's democratic government.