"We’re finally getting our dues," said Gloria Estefan.
So give yourself one final gift this year and consider your taxes as you do what you normally do during the end of the year and the holiday season. A bit more attention to the tax rules and possibly tweaking what you do, might give you a bigger refund at tax time.
It is time to start planning for the future and the future of your taxes is in about 240 days. That is when the IRS is expected to start processing 2014 tax returns (assuming no late tax legislation changes or other IRS delays) and you will be able to file your taxes and receive your refund.
Shaun McCutcheon's lawyer Dan Backer joins HuffPost Live to discuss McCutcheon's Supreme Court win.
The similarities are striking - we've been in this place before. The past echoes in my brain and I feel as if I am sitting in my living room the day after Christmas in 2004.
You can join a special holiday gift giving campaign (in cooperation with Save the Children) and purchase a One World Futbol.
Although it is a morbid exercise, I want you to think about what your obituary will read one day. What words will people use to describe you and how will you remembered?