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Michael Drejka, who is white, was found guilty of manslaughter in the shooting death of Markeis McGlockton.
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A Gwinnett County police officer saw the suspect inside a convenience store requesting free snacks and became suspicious.
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Police say a 28-year-old suspect donned a pink-and-white unicorn costume and smashed a convenience store register with a crowbar Saturday.
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The winning ticket was sold last year at a convenience store in a suburb of the South Carolina city of Greenville.
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Des Moines police still seem to be processing the fruity attack.
Corner Store Caroline apologized but Jeremiah didn't forgive her, nor does he have to.
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State fish and wildlife officials are trying to find an unidentified Jacksonville man seen stepping on the animal.
Seriously. Have you seen how spectacularly well-edited it is? Let me explain.
But when we went undercover with professional food safety inspector Francine Shaw, President of Food Safety Training Solutions
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It relies on customers' good faith to make purchases
"He probably saved lives in this case," an official said.
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The Japanese landscape is draped in conbini (convenience) stores. If you aren't on a train, you are likely at a conbini. And you want to be there.
In Germany there are bakeries on practically every corner. I lived in Stuttgart, a pretty big city in the south of Germany where I could see three bakeries just by looking out the window and swiveling my head slightly.
"We don’t have all the answers," Michael F. Curtin, Jr., CEO of the nonprofit, wrote in the manual. "We do have a few though
Owners Sushil Prakash and Josephine Kiran opened up a mini-library in their store full of books donated by their son and
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U.S. Hispanics are far more likely to do grocery shopping at the nearest convenience store (C-Store) than non-Hispanics, a
Obamacare requires that companies with more than 50 workers offer insurance to those working more than 30 hours a week by
Not everyone is as enthused as Siegel about discovering the local flavor of a nearby 7-Eleven. In the past year, residents