Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species

We will either compel mass extinction or mass protection for wildlife. Every few years, the Conference of the Parties meets at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species to decide the fate of a number of species.
Obscure, reclusive pangolins are disappearing from the planet.
Two African Grey parrots for sale in the infamous "Bird Markets" of Jakarta. Photo by Steve Zack ©WCS. This week, I met with
On World Wildlife Day, I am proud to announce an extraordinary group of 34 young people, ages 18-25, from around the world who have been selected as delegates for the Youth Forum for People and Wildlife.
Poaching has increased over the last decade, putting African elephants at risk. Additional global cooperation is necessary to save them. But America is not the problem.
Many ocean species that are over-exploited and traded internationally live in areas beyond national jurisdiction, a region known as the high seas that starts 200 miles from shore and covers half the Earth.
If the UN ban on one-off ivory sales is lifted, endangered African elephants could be wiped out. Global public opinion could tip the scales, and it's imperative that we support of this species.
PARIS (Reuters) - France will support a ban on global trade in bluefin tuna, but in exchange wants to be granted an exclusive
Obama, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar all deserve enormous credit for taking this step, which wasn't easy and is sure to irritate our friend to the north, Canada.