Conversion Therapy

Matthew Scott Montgomery, who appeared in "So Random!" and other series, says he was subjected to shock therapy as part of his supposed treatment.
The state is a step closer to joining 20 others that have clamped down on the discredited practice.
Wisconsin Republicans have again allowed therapists, social workers and counselors to try to change LGBTQ clients’ gender identities and sexual orientations — a scientifically discredited practice known as conversion therapy.
"I want all our kids to know that they matter and they belong," Gov. Tom Wolf said.
"President Biden just signed an Executive Order against LGBTQ+ conversion therapy, the therapy I endured in my 20s that left me contemplating suicide."
"I pretty much tried everything to be straight, and it didn’t work," the reality star told Andy Cohen.
Without a quorum, the Senate committee couldn't hold a vote on the restrictive legislation.
“It’s undeniable that this movement causes harm,” said filmmaker Kristine Stolakis, whose late uncle hoped to "cure" his trans identity with reparative therapy.
Twenty other states currently prohibit the practice that psychologists say is harmful to young people.
"Pray Away," due out Aug. 3, charts the rise of Exodus International, a now-defunct Christian ministry that once claimed to "cure" same-sex attraction.