conviction integrity unit

Without in any way minimizing the unforeseen difficulties involved in achieving any single criminal justice reform, this is one problem we can solve with a co-operative, good faith effort by multiple stakeholders. Why not just do it?
False evidence and faulty investigations are just some of the issues conviction integrity units must review to right the wrongs of the past.
I'm one of many prisoners who are completely innocent, but continue to suffer at the hands of prosecutors who represent anything but justice. We are not guilty, so we don't want sympathy. We demand justice from the legal system that has failed us.
David Ranta was wrongfully convicted in the 1990 murder of Rabbi Chaskel Werzberger in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He was sentenced
But many stories involving tainted evidence, malingering law enforcement and mistaken eyewitness identification never become
Victims of crime deserve justice. Those who commit crimes must be held accountable for their actions. But just as we prosecute, we also must safeguard the rights of the innocent.