cooking oil

Plumbers explain why it’s important for your pipes -- and your wallet -- to put this particular kitchen habit to rest.
A common mistake when cooking with oils is using a too-high heat on a low- or no-heat oil. Every oil has a smoke point, or a temperature at which smoke forms and the oil's compounds break down, releasing free radicals, degrading nutrients, and producing a rancid flavor.
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New research suggests that frying food in lard or butter is healthier than vegetable oil.
As our kids return to school, it's a perfect opportunity to reflect on the human brain doing what it does uniquely well in all the known animal kingdom: learn. At the very foundation of that remarkable Homo sapien aptitude lies the structural integrity of the brain itself, which proves to be highly dependent on a native, salutary balance of dietary fats.
Whether you're sautéing fresh vegetables or roasting a chicken breast, how do you know which oil is best? In the video above
Don't believe what you've read about smoke points.
If it's not in your kitchen cabinet already, consider adding coconut oil to your collection.