There's one clear winner in our book.
This might be the summer's most exciting cooking gadget.
If packing a picnic feels like more work than it's worth, these products will change your mind.
In a galaxy far, far away... or in our kitchens.
Drinking beer at home may never be the same.
One of the most popular foods in existence, cured and smoked pork belly seems to be everywhere you turn. But there are plenty of other varieties of bacon out there, made from other animals as well as vegetable-based proteins and even one fruit that might surprise you.
Without any context, these infomercials are sure to make us laugh -- and all of them definitely assume that all humans are
Never fish for another broken egg shell again.
Separating yolks from whites has never been cuter.
Or, you could just use a rock from your backyard.
Anything could happen.
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Tell us what you want, what you really, really want.
Like everyone, I like a good kitchen gadget that works, though I've never been suckered in by any of those sold by informercials on TV, when, 'if you call now, you get two extra thigamajigs and a whole set of steak knives!"
That salty , porky, smoky flavor is instantly recognizable and just the mere mention of it is enough to get mouths watering.
Triple-digit temperatures, getting dropped, getting burned... Nothing can take these tools down.
We feel like we're in a Portlandia episode.
We all deserve a treat, every once in a while.