What are some rules of restaurant kitchen etiquette that most people don't know about? originally appeared on Quora - the
Using poor quality ingredients. Oxidized olive oil, low quality butter, fruits and vegetables that are tired or that were
12. The server makes it seem like you are crazy when you ask him why he changed his phone's password and keeps deleting texts
What makes him authentic is that he didn't plan to be a world traveling writer. He put in the 20+ years of hard work. Not to get there, just to get by.
Expect price increases across the board if restaurants (finally!) begin to raise wages for the back of the house.
You may pick up a few tips for scoring your favorite food from your favorite chef and how being extra nice to a restaurant's executive chef and staff might be the brownie points you've been hoping for.
For the fifth year in a row, we set out to identify the most powerful people in the world of food.
You've got to admit that he's a hard-working dude who's carved out a major niche for himself in the American culinary scene.
They are the poets of pork and aficionados of frites. They are also known as "line cooks."
Meet Anna Hodson, the young and gentle, sheep loving shepherd at Kinderhook Farm in Ghent, NY. The farm is dedicated to producing great tasting meat as well as the care and concern of each and every animal.
People can never believe that I still love to cook as much as I do, but for me making a meal is a relaxing and social experience. Where do I seek inspiration on what to cook for dinner?
What makes the difference between a cook like Dan and somebody like me, whose efforts often result in meals like volcanic eggs, or those shortbread cookies I made where I forgot to put in the flour, even though that was one of just four ingredients?
Making pork butt for pulled pork doesn't require that much hands-on attention, but it does call for a massive chunk of time.
Yasamin Beitollahi, one of the hottest chefs to emerge in years, is a world thinker, a world traveler, and a world connector.
Though nowhere near being a chef myself, I appreciate the care and time put into a great meal, and I am always curious of the cultural significance and history behind the meal in question.