This will be one Fourth of July I will always remember.
Post 50
Late one autumn afternoon, in 1983, I drove my tired 1968 Rambler Rogue across the Connecticut River, as I did nearly every day.
Her parents say she just broke the world record for youngest waterskier.
The town of Ise-Shima itself is home to the one of the most revered Shinto shrines in Japan and a proud part of our history. But the government is also about promoting the nation's cutting-edge art, technology and culture abroad.
Weird News
Evil has a new name ... and it's Bobbit.
Two scuba divers found treasure from a shipwreck dating back over 1,600 years while exploring off the coast of Israel.
Thomas Dambo makes beautiful, whimsical art projects out of found trash, which he finds in dumpsters around Copenhagen, Denmark. He hopes to inspire people to have fun with trash, and encourage the use of recycled materials in works of art.
They found it swimming two miles beneath the ocean in one of the deepest ocean trenches on the planet.
Style & Beauty
Don't hesitate roping pearls together. In fact, some outfits need that extra pizzazz to make a sassy fashion statement.
Pilsen's spread of bars includes some genuinely lovable dives and the revival of Thalia Hall has been a definite boon to
When it comes to sleeping, well established to be as important as exercising and eating right, the story is much different as our pride gets turned upside down. We're proud of our sleep deprivation.
The "omnibus" budget for the next year is out. Here are some of the winners and losers.
If you look around at recent events it might seem that the world is falling apart. However, humanity has dealt with tragedy and injustice forever. So now, thanks to the global village that social media has created, there is immediacy to the awareness in which our fears are broadcast and regurgitated back to us.
Germany Kreuzberg, Berlin A West Berlin neighborhood best seen by bike and best experienced through brunch, Kreuzberg is
Credit: Flickr/Brad.K Asheville, NC Portland-worthy stores: Garage 34, Asheville Goods, Brian Boggs Chairmakers, Hitched
Culture & Arts
When major brands use hipster images to push everything from jeans to cornflakes, where is the cutting-edge relevance?
After spending four days in Manhattan, it was abundantly clear to my wife and me that New York City is as happening as ever. I lived in New York my first 33 years. It always feels good to come home.
There are a lot of things kids who go to California colleges like to hang their hats on when they graduate, like going to the top-rated public school in the country ('sup Berkeley), or attending a university with infinity football titles (hi, USC), or a zillion other things that honestly don't matter even a little bit.