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Along with showing off the cool effect, the video above also gives you a glimpse at how it was made. Here's an ad that just
Get ready to lose your breath. Mountain biker Cam Zink has made history. For this year's Red Bull Rampage on the Oakley Icon
"We always perform our stunts with the maximum safety, but of course, it happens that people get injured. But the fear keeps
Filmmaker Paul Trillo took 41 photos of 41 New York City blocks between the hours of 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. and strung them together
You've seen The Slow Mo Guys before, but now they are back with an explosive new video. Inspired by the "2 Guns" movie trailer
Fuma-Kai is an incredible performance by Japanese multimedia dance and martial arts troupe, Enra, directed by Nobuyuki Hanabusa
Sounds like she's living the dream. Via GuinnessWorldRecords Amazing contortionist Leilani Franco makes a triple appearance
Anthony Cerniello's aging simulation video is blowing minds across the Web not only for its haunting effect -- but for his painstaking process to achieve it.
You don't often hear the words 'cool,' and 'Citi Bike' in the same sentence. Convenient maybe, but cool? It's hard to make
Danielle from Anthony Cerniello on Vimeo. Cerniello used his friend Danielle as a model and turned her into a composite by