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Five of the 23 members of the Cooper Union board of trustees resigned Tuesday. Chairman Emeritus Mark Epstein, board vice
Andrew Rossi's new documentary, Ivory Tower, looks at higher education today, especially the vertiginously escalating tuition costs and the consequences of those costs, from crushing debt burdens on young graduates to the compromises schools make to attract students who are able to pay full price.
Cooper Union, the prestigious university for art, architecture and engineering, was slammed with a lawsuit from professors
Recently Cooper Union, the New York City college that didn’t charge tuition, decided after a series of bad financial and
Cooper Union will officially start charging its undergraduates tuition, after the Board of Trustees rejected a 54-page report
Eight months after Cooper Union administrators said there was no way to avoid charging tuition, a panel says there is. But
Steve Stoppert, who is not affiliated with the student group, on Sunday posted a photo on his Facebook page that showed a
The protest was the second time in less than a year that Cooper Union students occupied a portion of the school's Foundation
James Sprung, the senior class speaker, addressed the tuition decision changes and the protests directly in his address. "We
Under the new plan for undergraduates, 25 percent of students will still end up paying nothing, Epstein said, and as many