Over at the Guardian meanwhile, the inevitable hand-wringing has continued amidst ongoing discussions about the role of the
For some, the weekend brings 48-hours of adventure and exploration with friends and family. For others, the weekend is packed
Yet for many of these member-owned institutions, scaling up savings services is impaired by challenges related to management
Green City Growers is a farming cooperative that hires and trains employees in one of Cleveland's low-income areas. Employees have the opportunity to become worker/owners in this unique structure that could be a model for other cities. And all of the produce is grown hydroponically, with a low carbon footprint
Then someone - we think it was former Billings mayor Chuck Tooley, who is quite the instigator - spoke the word "cooperative
Obama told Cubans, “We are interested in seeing Cuba succeed.” But success on whose terms?
It is not the USA that is in decline, but it is their rule, and an America of the past, in which they were in charge.
It should not be surprising that Ugandan farmers have different thoughts on what is important to them than we might assume. Understanding why certain behaviors are formed is essential, as is understanding what incentives to build into program design.
There is an old player on the block with a new financing vehicle that is increasing the range of choices available to close that gap -- not only for American kids but for all who live, work, play and do business in those neighborhoods.
The New Era Windows Cooperative has been in operation since 2013. It hasn't been easy, but the worker-owners have learned together how to operate their own business.