COP 21

BOTTOM LINE In the short run, Brexit means, at the very least, delays and complications in the process towards the ratification
What the Paris agreement represents is a long awaited collective commitment to achieve common goals. While this is significant, it is not enough.
When it comes to power generation, Bangladesh faces a tough choice. On one hand the country has a burgeoning population with millions still without electricity coverage and coal reserves available to meet that need; on the other, it is one of the most climate vulnerable nations.
Is anyone else fed up with how "the news" is dominated by stories that provoke fear, panic and paranoia?
President Barack Obama, seeking to shape his legacy, said that COP 21 makes the United States, which did not ratify the earlier
A quiet afternoon, a darkening sky. A comfortable seat by a window. In the background, Das Liede von der Erde, by Gustav Mahler.
Just over a week before the U.S. signed the Paris climate agreement at the conclusion of the COP21 United Nations summit, President Barack Obama signed a bill into law with a provision that expedites permitting of oil and gas pipelines in the United States.
Fighting climate change is a moral imperative. And yet, just as protecting our children from the widening dangers of climate chaos is a challenge, it's also an opportunity. It's the economic play of our lifetime.
Complacency is not an option. But make no mistake - the writing is on the wall. There's a crack in the fossil fuel industry