Because of my personal and professional dedication to sustainability, I am horrified by Trump's promise to ditch the Paris
Does the Durban Platform really "set a new course for the global fight against climate change"? Maybe, but it will require a whole lot of work by the likes of the United States and China to keep the world on that course.
We were supposed to get a fair, ambitious, and binding international agreement on climate change in 2009. A binding agreement has thus become the yardstick for measuring success.
Tina Gerhardt is an independent journalist and academic, who has covered international climate change negotiations, most
Meanwhile a new report by the Pew Charitable Trusts released today shows that Asia is definitively winning the race to a
Another encouraging trend is the reported increase in China's climate cooperation. Meetings of the countries' negotiators
Parties in Cancun can begin to demonstrate that national self-interest is actually best served by international cooperation, rather than short-sighted and narrow-minded bickering.
"There's a recognition that the insider strategy to push from inside the Beltway to impact what will happen in DC, or what
Research now suggests that the fifteenth Conference of the Parties (COP 15) in Copenhagen was an even bigger failure than
Bonn, Germany -- Already at the last UNFCCC meeting in June, the majority of nations -- aside from airing their grievances