Of course, it isn't just a matter of risk; it is also about seizing opportunities. Will you meet your customers' demand for
No doubt he might technically pull the United States out of the Paris Agreement, but in doing so the future Trump administration would be taking both a diplomatic and a legal risk.
Among the radical shifts in the political landscape that took place on November 8th are the revival of some serious threats to our ocean, our coasts and our planet.
I see four options: But then, I realized, I had been there before. Exasperated with the failings of a political process. Profoundly
"In the context of the U.S., we see the most hope in Indigenous, Latin@, Asian and African American solutions--the people
So, recurring themes such as healthcare, taxes, LGBTQ community, and on women's rights - from equal pays, to decisions relating
Source: New Climate Economy's 2016 report: 'The Sustainable Infrastructure Imperative: Financing for Better Growth and Development
On November 4, the historic Paris Agreement for global action on climate change will enter into force, catalyzing collective
The DC. Court of Appeals began hearing arguments recenlty in an historic session taken "en banc" -- with a roster of 10 judges hearing a case that challenges President Obama's Clean Power plan.
Only sustainable infrastructure - one that refuses to trade long-term sustainability for short-term gains - will bring about the transformative change we need.
The decision this week by European leaders to fast-track ratification of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change is historic.
At the recent United Nations General Assembly in New York, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon predicted the Paris climate agreement
First, this sector is confronted with the pressure of a short-term dynamic, which does not encourage taking into consideration
It is because of this proven track record of success that cities had a critical role to play at the COP21 climate negotiations
Countries that have taken the initiative to swiftly complete their domestic ratification processes have given unprecedented
Rocket speed for an international agreement to enter into force The quick pace could signal that world leaders want to be
Buddhist meditation -- and its recent secular incarnation in mindfulness -- is clinically proven to help build resilience to cope with life's stresses. It's inspirational to know that it played a part in ensuring December's historic deal in Paris.
In Baton Rouge these past weekends, the "Cajun Navy" was out in force cleaning up after the devastating Louisiana floods