copa america

The all-time great led Argentina to the Copa America championship against Brazil in Rio de Janeiro.
A heat wave in the Southwest U.S., Colombian protests and a royal birthday round out this week's most stunning images.
The commissioners who make and guard the rules need always to keep in mind the spectator. Professional soccer and tennis are forms of entertainment, and what entertains best is probably the way the sport should go.
This is the summer of soccer--or fútbol. So Latino USA is taking a look at the sport loved throughout Latin America and around the world. What happens when you come from both the U.S. and Mexico--what national team do you root for? Or what about if your national team is constantly losing? Do you lose faith? And we take a look at elite women's soccer in the U.S., a world few Latinas reach.
Although the United States is slowly catching up to the rest of the world in terms of overall popularity, soccer clearly has a rich history and global influence. All this said, is this influence positive or does it pull us apart?
Today, Colombians have much to celebrate. As President Juan Manuel Santos signs a cease-fire with its oldest guerrilla group, the country is overrun by soccer fever.