There was no indication that the incident was deliberate.
Barry's Bootcamp at 10 Montauk Highway, brings its beloved high-intensity interval cardio and strength training workout. This
“We can’t tolerate abuse against women,” said Rio de Paz, the NGO that organized the protest.
According to owner Bernie Furshpan, the goal of this Flatiron district cabaret is to revive the "golden age of cabaret" with both renowned performers and new faces.
There was no cell nor Internet reception, no television -- no distraction period -- and after a week spent aligning my physical and emotional rhythm to the universe's, I was ready to explore Brazil a little.
After more than a decade of rewrites, soft starts and business snafus, the pair will open Harmony -- A New Musical, at Atlanta's Alliance Theatre on September 6.
Maybe Motown: The Musical would have been best off not as part reality-show Dreamgirls but as a straight-out Motortown Revue 2013, which it almost is anyway.
Onlookers at Rio de Janeiro's famous Copacabana beach captured a frightening spectacle on video Saturday when a rescue helicopter
Would I go to a Barry Manilow concert, sit amidst gaggles of screaming moms and their own mothers, waiting in anticipation for the opening whistles of "Can't Smile Without You" or the Chopin-inspired starting notes of "Could it Be Magic"? Of course. Really?
What is the absolute worst way to try swimming two-plus miles from one end of Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro down to
The explicit intention of Ladies Night is clear: to increase the proportion of females to males in a designated party zone
Though promoted as a unique, fun comedy, Elvis & Madona has prompted controversial reaction from some members of the LGBT crowd. Here, its filmmaker Marcelo Lafitte responds.
Moreover, it said, the very multiplicity of choices and the cultural challenges they embody can result in cultural isolation
When in Rio, I sought a place where locals go, and for hours swayed to steady drumbeats. You need stamina and rhythm, but it's so dark and so mesmerizing that once I let go a bit, I got swept into it.
Brazilians would be far better off if its populace refused to tolerate the rogues' gallery that populates its government. But despite its social problems, the Rio Olympics may be the most entertaining Games ever.
This scenario sets the stage for the next act in the global coffee drama. Enter Juan Valdez and his friend Gabriel Silva
It's not giving up to put your current path on indefinite pause. He could pick up his law career exactly where he left off if he wanted to, but that is the furthest thing from his mind.