Just the other day I was driving along in my car, listening to vintage Naughty by Nature and waving my hands in the air like
This light shows all of our flaws. This was my moment to shine. I would crack a joke, or compliment my mom in some way to
Contributor for Women's iLab I am a stay at home mother of two spirited, young individuals. My days are filled with love
3. REMEMBER HUMOR I once read about some people who protested at a Klan rally by hiring a mariachi band. We have to be skillful
Time heals and it will help us overcome the pain.
From there, it mushrooms into recognizing all the good that has come into my life--all the people for whom I am thankful
My family has been going through a medical crisis of late and it has become impossible to find a good stretch of uninterrupted time in which to write, not to mention things don't seem particularly funny right now.
Our daughter's hospital stay taught me that terrible, unexpected tragedies can happen at any time, to any one, and there is nothing I can do to prevent that from happening.
You have more power to change your anxiety level than you have ever imagined. • Take a fifteen minute "power stress relief
Dr. Sameera Ahmed, Ph.D. is Director of The Family & Youth Institute; co-editor of ‘Counseling Muslim: Handbook of Mental
The following four steps are an introduction to investing in inner insurance. They will get you started on the right path for developing the healthiest mentality possible for the future.
We, too, were living below poverty level and barely getting by, and we, too, lived in a world full of Malfoys.
Generations of Veterans have felt that the sacrifice they voluntarily performed for their country has gone virtually unrecognized. You can find examples of this everywhere you look. It's so easy as a civilian to move through your day without even a thought to those that sacrifice daily for our freedom and protection.
I am an only child. Through the years I have been asked if I felt differently because I am an only child. My answer was always no because that is all I have ever known.
Being a member of the military is all about excellence. Being able to achieve excellence is what you are taught to strive for and obtain in all that you do. These are traits that you should never lose as they will serve you well in your life. As a transitioning Veteran there will need to be an adoption of understanding that differences will exist with those that are less detail oriented and the following may be the experience.
Don't make this assumption.