For the third straight year, police suicides have outnumbered line-of-duty deaths.
"I'm going to shoot you in your face," a Phoenix officer shouts at a couple in front of their two children.
Young, black anti-violence marchers went into a gas station for a quick drink when a white woman and man call the cops on them.
This story sounds like a load of bull -- but watch for yourself as these cows steer cops straight to a runaway suspect.
The announcement that no charges will be filed against the officers in the 2016 death of Alton Sterling is one in a long line of cops walking free after the shooting deaths of black people.
A former St. Louis police officer was found not guilty in the 2011 death of Anthony Lamar Smith, adding his name to a growing list of officers who have walked free after the shooting deaths of black men and women.
Dashcam footage has been released showing two police officers searching a woman’s vagina for 11 minutes at a Texas gas station.
The death of an Australian woman in Minneapolis is the latest in a long line of U.S. police-involved shootings.
She reportedly met her husband, the intended victim, while working as an escort.
Police officers are heroes and role models. Whether it's National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day or any other day of the year, the next time you see a police officer, thank him or her for their service.
Police officers are always on duty, even when they're off. While we sleep, they're awake. When we're out in public having fun, they're watching over us. As we pursue our education, our professional careers and our dreams, they put their lives on the line to make sure we have every opportunity to succeed.
Kaepernick a punk who got rich in a country under the protection of the military and the police. If it wasn't for them, he would not have the freedom, opportunity or money he has.
The self-described "law-and-order candidate" gets official backing from law enforcement.
When it's my turn to meet with the prosecutor, he says, "Only one ticket, I'll dismiss it and you just have to pay the court
It was one of many sweet things he did on “Kindness Day.”
Remember their names. Please. Their lives matter. (image: twitter) Days before I had gotten into a "debate" with another