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Emat Suleiman Shahata remembers his brother, Maged, murdered by ISIS
Magda Aziz remembers her husband, Hani Abdel Messihah, who was killed by ISIS
For me, having been to Egypt nearly 20 times and to Bali over a dozen, they are the perfect Yin/Yang complement to each other -- the masculine and feminine sides of spirituality.
Los Angeles
In Jan. 2011, after a Muslim bombing of a Coptic church in Egypt, the 28 Coptic Christian churches in Southern California
The electoral victory of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has caused consternation and fear across the Middle East and the world. But should it?
The court also held Massoud responsible for inciting the riots, but Massoud denies all charges against him. The court claimed

The recent tragedy involving a bus crash in Egypt is devastating. But given the media coverage, you'd think that any trip to Egypt would lead to a tragic accident. This is an over-exaggeration.