The suit will continue after a judge didn't buy the former president's excuse for lifting the Eddy Grant song for a campaign ad.
With the copyright expiring on "Gatsby" and many other works, fans have Muppets on the mind.
The Supreme Court declined to hear whether Jimmy Page plagiarized an instrumental by 1960s band Spirit to create the riff for the classic 1971 rock ballad.
The president violated copyright law, claims the company representing the parent, by using a video that Twitter had said was "manipulated" to make a political point.
"You should've taken it as a compliment dick," Carter wrote when an artist from Berlin said the singer used a picture of his work without attribution or permission.
“I think people undervalue ownership,” said Watson, who stars in Greta Gerwig's adaptation of the Louisa May Alcott classic.
The singer is being sued for $100 million because his hit "Thinking Out Loud" allegedly copies Gaye's song "Let's Get It On."
There are some loopholes in the law and other extenuating circumstances that typically prevent legal action.
The company soon said it would withdraw a lawsuit claiming Jason “Revok” Williams couldn’t assert a copyright on his mural.
The crackdown on entertainment copyrights shows what can be done when the political will exists.
An unpublished author's lawsuit against "The Art of Fielding" writer Chad Harbach has gone public, but his day in court is yet to come.
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