The singer is being sued for $100 million because his hit "Thinking Out Loud" allegedly copies Gaye's song "Let's Get It On."
There are some loopholes in the law and other extenuating circumstances that typically prevent legal action.
The company soon said it would withdraw a lawsuit claiming Jason “Revok” Williams couldn’t assert a copyright on his mural.
The crackdown on entertainment copyrights shows what can be done when the political will exists.
An unpublished author's lawsuit against "The Art of Fielding" writer Chad Harbach has gone public, but his day in court is yet to come.
On one hand IP can propel a company into an instant success, but it can also dry up a company's well by spending when it
The Public Domain Information Project provides a list of Christmas public domain songs for anyone to peruse. Songs like the
This dystopian future I hope is not the case but as technology advances these are real ethical and legal issues that must
Trademark and patent laws must be updated A generation ago, it was mostly big businesses that were concerned about protecting
We have swung from one extreme to the other. Now it's time for the whole industry to collaborate on a healthy, sustainable
Given how fast technology has advanced in the last few decades, the protection of your digital property can be a matter of
A variety of influences have rendered songwriting and music composition significantly less feasible in the classic sense.
As a small business owner, paying your taxes to the government at the appropriate time is an obligation. However, as many
The good thing is that those who come up with ideas, will come up with new ones. Plagurists will always stay a step behind
What happens when an artist doesn't collage, mash-up, remix or rearrange someone else's art and just takes it, mildly tweaks it, and then calls it his own original work? Ask the controversial appropriation artist Richard Prince.
This legal reality doesn't do very much to heal the burn when concept rip-offs happen. And, since there's very little to
Eriq Gardner's article "A Famous Murder Mystery Comes Up in Graffiti Artist's Lawsuit Over Katy Perry's Met Gala Dress" is
Today is a new day for American inventors. The President and Congress helped American companies and innovators protect their intellectual property from those engaging in economic espionage by passing and signing the Defend Trade Secrets Act.