coral bleaching

The catastrophic die-off from recent ocean heat waves severely affected the reef's ability to produce new corals and bounce back.
Hawaii also banned the sale and distribution of similar sunscreens, which contain chemicals that lead to coral bleaching.
Last year's oceanic heat wave wasn't as destructive as one the year before, scientists said.
New report examines experimental intervention techniques in hopes of sustaining reefs in a warming world.
Rising temperatures in 2016 caused a catastrophic die-off of almost 30 percent of the iconic reef.
A $9 million pilot project aims to protect key areas of the Great Barrier Reef from bleaching.
The devastating die-off appears to be heading toward yet another record.
If you thought the reef would come out unscathed, you were wrong.
"The message should be that it isn’t too late ... not we should all give up."
Exxon’s executives and their allies robbed us of a generation’s worth of action on climate.
The Queensland government has agreed to recommendations that will help the reef survive climate change.