cord cutters

Are you a cord cutter? Have you taken the plunge? So many tell me they have. Yet, frankly I am confused... Exactly what cord are we talking about?
And, of course, the company that you pay for TV is likely the same company that you pay for Internet access. Many people
It looked as if "a la carte" pay TV, where you don't shell out for a lot of channels you’ll never watch, was one step closer
Too many people are getting by without paying for TV -- cobbling together their entertainment on phones, computers and TVs
In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, James Dolan, the chief executive of one of the largest cable providers
As much as we'd like to heap blame for the change on the poor offerings on television these days (not enough "Breaking Bad
There was a glimmer of hope that subscription services like Hulu Plus and Netflix coupled with streaming players would finally free us from our expensive cable and satellite bills, but most people aren't ready to cut the cable cord.
Tim Stenovec joins Abby to discuss why streaming players won't phase out cable just yet.
"In a lot of ways these things are complementary," IDC's Ireland said of streaming players and paid TV. "They're providing
It's true that cable still owns TV viewing -- and for as long as it holds the lion's share of sports viewing, it will maintain that heavy hand. But how long can that last really?