core strength

The following program includes several exercises that truly teach you how to get down into the core. Master the feeling of the contractability of your core muscles so that you can learn how to incorporate these bracing techniques when executing any and all exercise programs and sports participation.
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Warm up and engage your core and hips safely for Side Plank Pose (Vasisthasana). Try these asanas from Chelsea Jackson to prep for, and achieve, a solid Side Plank.
The six-pack is nice and all, but here's why we really need strong, supportive abdominals. Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us
Once you've mastered the forearm plank, it's time to mix things up. There are countless plank variations, but here are a
The shoulder joint is complicated, often not trained properly and essential to core strength and overall health. Here my go-to shoulder movements.
I love to take a walk to get myself present and to wind my mind down. Sometimes being active and getting the body moving
Activating our core muscles has been a mantra by many professionals helping their clients in seeking better overall strength, protecting from back pain and improving performance. But what I learned early in my PT practice is that our brains do not know muscles, only movement.
Increasing flexibility throughout your body can help keep your muscles at their peak as well as help prevent injuries. Everyone and anyone can benefit from increasing core stability and flexibility.
But there’s way more to core training than the abdominals (and getting a flat tummy), says Dena Stern, personal trainer and
One topic that seems to come up again and again is how frustrated new moms (or those currently pregnant ... or anyone, really) are about re-finding their "core."