Corey Haim

"These sick, twisted and outlandish allegations never occurred,” the actor told HuffPost after a new documentary resurfaced Feldman's claim.
In a report last month, the tabloid alleged Sheen had raped the younger actor in the 1980s when Haim was 13.
Haim would've been a teenager at the time, according to the allegations.
“I’m taking the matter into my own hands,” Feldman said Monday.
Former child star Corey Feldman stops by HuffPost Live to talk about the fallout of Corey Haim's death.
In 2011, Feldman told "Nightline" that a "Hollywood mogul" who abused Haim is to blame for the late actor's death. He said
Both Feldman and Haim have talked about their abuse before, even confronting one another about it on their 2008 reality series
Actor Corey Haim lost his long battle with drugs and alcohol, and now he's dead at 38. The world has watched the progression of his disease for a decade.
America's fascination with celebrities, perpetuated by the media, is a hard pill to swallow. Our culture oftentimes seems to thrill at watching a train wreck, but stars are not an alien race.
"It's been very difficult, to say the least. I was diagnosed in July 2009... Cory and I lived together, I lived with him
While promoting 'Lost Boys: The Thirst,' Corey Feldman explained that Corey Haim's death last March was not due to a drug
New York lawmakers are now considering two very different approaches to address accidental overdose fatalities: One bill will most certainly make the problem worse, while the other will likely save lives.
While Feldman's vocals could have used a little auto-tuning, his dance moves were a spot-on imitation of his former BFF.
Corey Feldman was not invited to Corey Haim's funeral, but that didn't stop him from memorializing his best friend today
Feldman said in a statement: Haim died Wednesday of pulmonary congestion. "The family has decided to make Corey's funeral
Corey Haim's funeral costs will be covered by the memorabilia company that was auctioning off some of his belongings, this
Corey Haim's body has been released by the LA coroner after an autopsy, and now it is headed to his native Toronto to be