Corey Johnson

“We have faced institutional oppression for as long as society has existed,” Corey Johnson, a young, gay New York City Council
Although there's much to praise in the Young Vic-Joshua Andrews co-production of Tennessee Wiliams's superb A Street Car Named Desire, now transported to St. Ann's Warehouse, the laurels go mostly to the cast. About other prominent aspects, there's much to question.
But good news may be on the way. On November 24th de Blasio proposed a compromise. One that would limit the carriage horses
While these laws won't keep all puppy mill puppies out of New York City pet stores, it's a critical step in the right direction. Taken together they will deeply impact the lives of dogs in puppy mills across the nation, and further New York City's reputation as a leader in animal welfare and safety.
At its best, New York City is a place where people from all walks of life live together and interact with each other. But a new residential tower rising on Manhattan's west side tears at that tradition.
Michael Sam, the college football player who is expected to be a top NFL prospect, recently acknowledged publicly that he is gay. It immediately took me back to the moment I decided to reveal that I was gay, and I realized how much things have changed in some ways, but haven't in others.
In Corey Johnson, we see what a Millennial brings to the table as a councilmember. He's more than an LGBT ally -- he's a leader. How lucky we'd all be if he had a seat in the New York City Council and I'm proud to support him.
Starring Corey Johnson and featuring Sue Galloway ("30 Rock"), if this sketch doesn't capture the essence of one of your
Break ups can be traumatic, especially if you've just gone through a particularly intense event together. Such is the case
A gay rapper walks into a recording studio and raps about being mad gay..."no homo." Hilarious performances by the three