Corey Stoll

Corey Stoll, who played Marcus Brutus, says he didn't know the president would be portrayed before signing on.
But it is an entertaining one in Sullivan's hands, and he puts the two lovers for whom the play is titled, and the two armies
Projectile blood is just one spectacle in Shakespeare's problem play, Troilus and Cressida, as staged at Central Park's Delacorte
As I join the cheering chorus on the Season Five finale of Girls I'm struck not once but twice by some pretty infinite wisdom about the perils of fame in the Love Stories episode.
A local Liberian warlord's women in a bare hut in Eclipsed at the Golden Theater are called wife #1, #3, and #4, but as written
I believe comic-book movies -- and the overweening Comic-Con mentality that has consumed the Hollywood studios -- are strangling the movie industry, in part because these movies are so generic. Which may be why I enjoyed Ant-Man so much.
Right around the point where the titular heroes were laying waste to seemingly endless hordes of robotic drones, with laser beams and rubble and wreckage flying hither and thither, I realized I was having a real hard time staying interested in any of what was happening.
It would be easy to dismiss The Good Lie as manipulative, a movie aimed at the tear ducts (and we all know you can't trust a movie about emotions).
Don't get me wrong: This Is Where I Leave You isn't a great movie. But it's an enjoyable one, an emotional comedy that earns its lump in the throat and most of its laughs.
The new trailer for Season 4 of "Homeland" finds Carrie headed back to the Middle East, and it's pretty clear that she's
Besides appearing in three films coming out this year -- as well as next year's "Ant-Man" -- and starring in FX's new horror
Ernest Hemingway: Alert! We interrupt your scheduled programming to bring you some crucially important non-news: Peter Russo
If you crossed a disaster film from the 1970s with a low-budget action-thriller from the last five years, you'd get something that looks like Non-Stop.
"I'm truly humbled," Voight said in his acceptance speech. "Working with the cast of 'Ray Donovan' is an endless joy, and
It's been a monumental year in TV. From Netflix original programming gaining massive steam to new genres grabbing award nominations
Coming-of-age stories tend to be about innocents who have the veil pulled from their eyes. Which sort of describes C.O.G. - except for the innocent part.
Hendricks, who is no stranger to attracting buzz, plays Krissi Cates, who years ago accused a man (Stoll) of being a child
Actor Corey Stoll is a scene stealer in the Netflix series "House of Cards." On Wednesday, he joined HuffPost Live's Alyona